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Douglas Rapp

Douglas Rapp is the President of Rofori Corporation, an innovative young technology company that uses meta data tagging and advanced algorithmics to turn unstructured data into signal. Rofori’s flagship application is DEFCON cyber, a scalable cybersecurity risk and awareness tool that offers small business enterprise level expertise.

He is also President of the Cyber Leadership Alliance (CLA), a non-profit organization that convenes leadership in cybersecurity to synchronize efforts, promote cybersecurity in the region, foster innovation and promote the economic impact. CLA’s Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) forum represents over 20 Billion of private industry in Indiana. The Cyber Leadership Alliance is part of the Global Epic ecosystem and routinely facilitates collaboration with cybersecurity leaders worldwide.

Doug is a former Army Officer and combat Veteran. While serving in the military, he was responsible for establishing the Region 5 Cyber Protection Team, creating civil/military incident response plans, and leading complex cybersecurity training across Federal, State, and civilian entities.

Doug is a published author on cybersecurity training, workforce development, and economic development. He is an international speaker and has testified before Congress on cybersecurity matters. Doug lives in Indiana where he is an Entrepreneur in Residence for Purdue University and considers himself a cybersecurity optimist.

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