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Ofer Bloch

Mr. Ofer Bloch is the President and CEO of the Israel Electric Co. (IEC) for the past 3.5 years. Prior to that, he held similar positions at a number of Israeli companies in the industrial as well as the commercial sectors; among them: Hadera Paper Group, Netafim Ltd, D.B.S Satellite Services (1998) Ltd (yes), and  Tnuva Co-op  Ltd, Dairy division for Marketing of Agricultural Produce in Israel.

Mr. Bloch holds a B.A. in  Economics & Political Science, from the university of Tel Aviv and an  M.B.A from The Recanati School of Business - Tel Aviv University, Israel.

Mr. Bloch is a board member at  Various Non-Profit Organizations.

At present Mr. Bloch is leading the IEC to an historical reform in  Israel's  energy sector.

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