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Toshio Iwamoto

Toshio Iwamoto served as President and Chief Executive Officer of NTT DATA Corporation for six years from 2012 to 2018 and led a global IT services company, comprising around 118,000 employees in more than 53 countries.

Back in 2005, NTT DATA achieved around $8.1bn USD (JPY 850 bn) in net sales, 90% of which was generated domestically. During his tenure, he led the establishment of a new group vision, “Global IT Innovator” and promoted business growth outside Japan. As a result, NTT DATA more than doubled its net sales to approx. $19bn USD (JPY 2 tn) in FY17, bringing revenue from outside Japan to just under 50%.

Understanding that IT is paramount for social infrastructure, Mr. Iwamoto also led the launch of the revitalized group vision, “Trusted Global Innovator” in May 2018, a landmark year celebrating the company’s 30th anniversary, with an aim to deepen trust with clients around the world.

After having stepped aside as CEO in 2018, he has assumed the role of Principal Executive Advisor. As a leader in Japan’s IT services industry, he has also taken on multiple key positions in major industry organizations including Chairman of the Japanese Association of Healthcare Information Systems Industry (JAHIS) and Vice-Chairman of the Japan Information Technologies Services Industry Association (JISA).

NTT DATA began business operations in 1967 as the data communications headquarters of Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Public Corporation, and has built numerous large-scale systems to support social infrastructure over a period of some 50 years. As a systems engineer and later, a project manager, Mr. Iwamoto himself oversaw several such projects for the central government, the Bank of Japan, the largest payment system in Japan and information provision systems of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, contributing significantly to the development of Japan’s information technology sector.

As a result of the swift development of information communications technology, today’s information-based society is undergoing drastic changes, leading to the advent of the digital age where information technology is essential to business. With foresight, Mr. Iwamoto has proactively spearheaded fundamental reforms in software production technology, drawing inspiration from Japan’s high standards in automated manufacturing.

A native of Nagano prefecture, he graduated from Tokyo University’s School of Engineering and started his career in April 1976 at Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Public Corporation, currently NTT Corporation, the parent company of NTT DATA.

Mr. Iwamoto is the author of IT Kofuku-ron (2013) or The Never-ending Progress - How Information Technology Is Making the World a Better Place, a book on how IT can assist corporate management and contribute to creating a better society.

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