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Vic Mankoita

Vic Mankotia is Vice President of Sales for Zimperium and looks after the sales business, for Asia and Japan, being based out of Singapore. The rising mobile first work force, is now counting on leaders like, Zimperium to secure that hyperconnected device, our mobile.

Vic Mankotia comes from over two decades of deep security experience.

Having served at Symantec from various sales roles, leading nascent

technologies that spearheaded Symantec’s rise to the security leadership in

2010. After running Security Sales and Presales at Symantec, across APJ Vic Mankotia spearheaded the creation of CA’s Security business. With over 27 acquisitions being a part of the collective portfolio, integrating best in breed solutions, for customer’s is the high light of the career.

Vic Mankotia has worked across Asia, Pacific (Australia and New Zealand) and Japan. With teams that win with technology that is relevant, being important for the ever-changing security landscape we encounter, in our geography.

Having worked across the 16 sales districts, in APJ, developing, creating and sustaining the Zimperium business is the objective. Whilst leading the security business with partners is key, it is a differentiator to specialise with partners in each of our unique markets.

Working along a great pre-sales team, a technology that is ranked as leaders, with very well-established partnerships, Mobile Threat Defence, is critical to every enterprise and user alike. Vic Mankotia has seen the evolution of security, across the last 25 years, with relationships across the geography, will enrich this security environment.

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